Phoenix cleaning company specialise in the prevention, containment and clean
up of any Biohazard.
A Biohazard can be defined as 'a situation which holds the potential of harm
to persons due to the presence of biological agents/chemicals'. Using state of the
art machinery, chemicals and the most highly of trained cleaning operatives we
can deal with ANY Biohazard 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We can
provide all relevant insurance, health and safety, risk assessment
documentation and all staff are comprehensively trained, inoculated and
counselled at regular intervals.
Examples of Biohazard cleaning we undertake are detailed below, however the
services we provide are vast so please contact us for further information and

Our trauma clean up service involves the clean up and containment of deadly
blood borne and airborne spores which are released into the local atmosphere
when a trauma occurs. HIV and hepatitis may be present at the scene of a
trauma or accident and will require a specialist clean to eradicate the direct
threat they pose on the public. Using state of the art machinery, the latest
techniques and highly trained technicians we can ensure the scene of a trauma
will be clean, decontaminated and safe from risk.
We offer our trauma
cleaning service to local
authorities, private
businesses and members of
the public. We have been
called upon to help out after
many traumatic events such
as suicides, fatal accidents,
undiscovered and
discovered deaths and
murders. We always work
with compassion, discretion
and confidentiality.

Phoenix Cleaning Company undertakes needle sweeps, needle pick ups,  
removal and disposal of sharps, scalpels and razor blades. Discarded needles
carry a high risk of a needle stick injury which can lead to persons contracting
hepatitis and HIV. Needles may be easily visible but also hidden in crevices of
properties, furniture or undergrowth in external public areas. Extreme
caution must be taken during the detection and removal process of
needles/sharps and correct disposal methods set out by Health & Safety and
government regulations must be adhered to. Sharps can not be disposed of
with general household waste.
Phoenix Cleaning Company has provided needle/sharps removal service for
councils, housing associations, landlords, the construction industry, and
members of the public.
  • pigeon feces clean up
  • infectious disease control
  • hospital deep cleaning
  • syringe sweep
  • oil spill clean up
  • bodily fluid clean up
  • blood clean up
  • vomit clean up
  • clean room sanitisation
  • decontamination
  • clean room sanitising
  • sharps removal
  • superbug eradication
  • mercury spill clean up
  • prison cell decontamination
Phoenix Cleaning Company has established itself as the leading biohazard
cleaning provider.
All works Phoenix Cleaning Company undertake will receive before and
after images.

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