Decontamination is most frequently associated with the cleaning and disposal
of medical waste, human waste or chemicals used in the manufacturing of
illegal drugs.
Any member of the public subjected to any of these contaminants should
contact a specialised cleaning company for further advice and not return to
the scene for risk of injury or
Areas which require decontamination can harbour disease such as Hepatitis
A, Hepatitis B, HIV, Salmonella, Noroviris, MRSA...
Phoenix cleaning company can react to any decontamination issue 24 hours a
day, 365 days of the year.
During the course of an arrest, an offender may contaminate either a Police
vehicle or police cell, also known as custody suite. Whether the contamination
was caused by an injured or nauseous subject or communicable disease.
Phoenix Cleaning Company can
deal with all types of
contamination from Biohazard
cleans such as human blood and
feaces. To the more extreme
decontamination such as a trauma
clean, in which the offender has
tragically passed away. We use the
most cutting edge enzyme
detergents and germicidal cleaners
to sanitise and deodorise any area
24 hours a day.
With the exception of cannabis, chemical additives are required to
manufacture illegal drugs. In the past regulatory controls on industrial
chemicals in Europe was effective in stopping criminals from manufacturing
illegal drugs within an illegal laboratory. The introduction of
Methamphetamine (crystal meth) has allowed criminals to manufacture
the drug in home made 'Meth Labs' due to basic level of chemical additives
required to manufacture the drug. It is in fact the combination of these
chemical additives which is a hazard to the public.
Drug dens harbour many different hazards to the public starting with the
possible presence of used needles, sharps or other drug paraphernalia.
Another risk within the drug den is the
possible presence of chemical processing agents as in crystal meth. Finally
there is the risk of bodily fluids, blood, feces being present within the drug
Hospital cleaning services we provide:

Norovirus disinfection and further prevention.
Super bug sanitisation - MRSA.
Hospital ward deep cleaning.
Hospital public areas deep cleaning.
Clean room micro cleansing.
Operating theatre ultra sonic deep cleaning.

Phoenix cleaning company offers a rapid response to all areas of hospital
decontamination. From the control of super bugs, sanitising of areas
infected by Norovirus too ward deep cleaning and ultra sonic operating
theatre cleaning, you can be assured you will receive a professional, swift
and thorough service.
Phoenix Cleaning Company has established itself as the leading
decontamination provider. All works Phoenix Cleaning Company
undertake will receive before and after images.

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