An increase in food hygiene and food safety regulations in recent years has
reinforced the need for catering facilities to ensure thorough kitchen deep
cleaning programmes are in place. The law requires
all catering and food production facilities to maintain
a high standard of food hygiene, food safety and infrastructure/equipment
Periodic kitchen deep cleaning should be in place for those installations,
equipment and structures which are not fully cleaned as part of the daily
cleaning routine.
An initial kitchen deep clean is ideal for businesses which have recently
moved into a new premises and feel the general cleanliness is not of an
acceptable standard. Due to the busy nature of most kitchens a periodic deep
of the equipment, furniture and structure within the kitchen is a must. A lack
time, knowledge of deep cleaning or chemicals within the kitchen makes
utilising an outside cleaning contractor an obvious choice.
All canopy's collect grease and grime from the cooking process. Although most
kitchens have a regular
extraction system cleaning schedule in place, many
kitchens are deciding to have their kitchen canopy cleaned on a
monthly/quarterly basis.
Although filter within the canopy help trap some grease particles it is
inevitable that grease will pass into the vent and ducting. The accumulation of
grease particles within the vent can lead to a reduction in efficiency of the
extraction system. This can lead to an unpleasant odour permeating the whole
building, a hot and humid kitchen due to lack of  air circulation. Ultimately
the build up of grease is a potential fire hazard to the entire building.
Phoenix cleaning company has undertaken cleaning contracts for many
different clients within the marine and aviation industry.
All our staff are CRB checked before obtaining employment with us which
helps speed up the process of advance security clearance whilst working in
certain security sensitive areas.
Whether its an airport restaurant, Marina café or
even cruise ship galley that requires a kitchen deep clean or an extraction
system clean; we can offer a free comprehensive no obligation quotation.
Phoenix Cleaning Company has established itself as the leading kitchen
and extraction cleaning provider. All works Phoenix Cleaning Company
undertake will receive before and after images and be issued with a
certificate stating the extraction system meets the required
hygiene standards,
satisfying both your insurance company requirements.

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