It is imperative that the clean up and removal of
needles, sharps, razor blades and drug paraphernalia is only carried out
by trained professionals. Handling used needles, syringes, sharps and
razor blades carries a high risk of receiving a needle stick injury,
(penetrating stab wound or laceration from a needle or sharp object). With
a chance of contracting a life changing blood borne infection or diseases
such as hepatitis A or B and HIV.
Needles/sharps are often hidden in undergrowth, furniture, walls and
within waste, so it is imperative that a thorough needle sweep of the site is
undertaken. Body fluids and blood frequently associated with needle use is
often present, increasing the handlers risk of exposure to blood borne
Our trained, experienced operatives perform a full needle/sharps sweep,
removal, and full decontamination of the site to eliminate all possible
Phoenix Cleaning Company ensures all health and safety legislation
relating to the safe removal and disposal of needles & sharps is adhered to
at all times. Sharps collected from site will be securely transported and
destroyed at a licensed bio waste facility.
Phoenix Cleaning Company offers needle sweep/clean up
services to the private and public sector, such as:
  • Local councils
  • Housing associations
  • Police
  • Prisons
  • The construction industry
  • Letting agencies
  • Private landlords
  • Land owners etc........
Phoenix Cleaning Company has established itself as the leading biohazard
cleaning provider. All works Phoenix Cleaning Company undertake will
receive before and after images and be issued with a certificate stating the
extraction system meets TR19/BE&S standards, satisfying both your
insurance company requirements.

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