Phoenix Cleaning Company specialise in the deep cleaning and
decontamination of trauma and crime scenes. Trauma scenes are classified as
hazardous due to the presence of bodily fluids that carry viruses such as HIV
and hepatitis.
Using advanced cleaning techniques and state of the art machinery the
trauma scene is safely disinfected, and the removal of dangerous bodily fluids
is performed. A deep clean of all contaminated areas is undertaken
eliminating the risk and spread of infection.
Adhering to strict guidelines Phoenix Cleaning Company ensures the safety
of the public and the cleaning technicians.
Phoenix Cleaning Company would always advise their clients that no
members of the public should enter
a property where a trauma or accident has occurred until such times, a
thorough decontamination has taken place by a professional trauma cleaning
company. Phoenix Cleaning Companies technicians are highly trained with
extensive training, compassionate and at all times discrete. Phoenix Cleaning
Company operates a 24/7 emergency response service for all
trauma and accident scenes.
Phoenix Cleaning Company has been called upon many times to
decontaminate and clean the site of an accident. In the UK accidents are a
daily occurrence, often needing specialist cleaning to return the site back to
its original state. Bodily fluids and blood must be removed so the threat of
infection to the general public is eliminated.
Biohazard waste is collected from the site and disposed of at an appropriate
waste facility.
  • murder clean up
  • body fluids cleaning
  • animal and human
  • human tissue cleaning
  • vomit clean up
  • blood cleaning
  • urine sanitisation
  • murder scene clean up
  • suicide cleaning
  • industrial accident
  • violent assault clean up
Phoenix Cleaning Company has established itself as the leading trauma  
cleaning provider. All works Phoenix Cleaning Company undertake will
receive before and after images.

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